Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spring has arrived! So, have great burgers! A Review of Beech St. Burger

It's mid-April, and until yesterday afternoon Ottawa had not seen the likes of spring at all! After a gloomy and rainy day, the workday drew to a close, and the sun peaked out from behind some dark and stormy clouds and (in my opinion) spring began! Stepping outside from my office building downtown, the sun rays hit my face and I smiled with joy! I raced home, grabbed the dog and my wallet, for I knew there was only one thing I could eat for dinner marking the sure sign of warm weather to come - a burger and fries!

A few weeks ago, while coming home from work, I spotted out of the corner of my eye, a sign, stapled to a towering, wooden telephone pole. The lamenated piece of white paper informed me that a new burger joint would be opening up in the neighborhood (Little Italy, that is). Fresh local beef, handmade fries, open seven days a week! I could hardly contain my excitement.

Yesterday, finally, the day had come - the perfect evening to enjoy a burger and try out a new restaurant!

When I arrived at Beech St. Burger, located 40 Beech St. the restaurant was very quiet, no one around except for the owner who was sitting and watching the news. For those of you who know the area, it is the former location of Danini Panini and temptingly situated next to the Greco gym! The owner got up and greeted me with a warm smile, offering me the menu. He explained that there were two types of burger, the larger 4 oz double patties and smaller 3 oz patties. I told him I wasn't shy and went with the 4 oz Beech St. burger with Cheese. I also ordered up a large container of fresh cut fries.

He began whipping up my order and we talked about how the business had been doing for the past two weeks. He said, he couldn't complain but due to a small budget, they hadn't done much advertising, except for slapping up a few posters around the neighborhood. The smell of the searing burgers wafted through the air; now he informed me it was time to choose my toppings. There was the usual burger accoutrements, in addition to three types of mayo (regular, garlic and spicy). I decided on lettuce, onions, extra pickles, ketchup, mustard and spicy mayo. He finished up my order while regaling me with a story of how earlier in the day, he was called away from the restaurant by his son, due to smoke at his residence because his dog had jumped on the counter and turned the stove on, catching a plastic container of hot peppers on fire. I told him that this had actually happened to my aunt and uncle recently and we shared a "dogs-are-so-crazy" laugh together! With a few packets up ketchup, a drink and a plastic fork (which, of course, was never used), he slipped my finished burger and fries into a paper bag and I was on my way!

I ran home, set myself up on the balcony to enjoy my dinner. I ripped open the brown paper bag and unwrapped the huge burger and fries. It was glorious! From the fresh sesame seed bun, to the perfectly cooked and seasoned beef, and the spicy mayo; it was burger heaven. The best and most important part of the burger, was that it was satisfyingly, unabashedly, messy to eat! After wiping ketchup and mayo from my nose, cheeks and hands, I tucked into the wonderfully crisp fresh cut fries, slathering them in ketchup. Delightful!

I cannot in my right mind say that this was the best burger I have ever had, BUT it rivals my homemade burgers and to me that's a good sign! So, if you have the chance, get down to Beech St. Burger and check it out! They also have homemade chili and a homemade veggie burger (which I will be sure to check out next time).


-Tina (Turnip)

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