Friday, 31 May 2013

Hooray for Farmer's Markets!

The time is upon us; Farmer's Markets are here! Brewer Park, Byron Park, Centrum Plaza and now even Sparks Street are holding markets to buy wonderful, local, delicious delights! Yesterday was the first really warm day we've had this spring and I just couldn't be stuck in the office all day! So, on my lunch I ventured out to check out the first edition of the Sparks Street Farmer's Market in efforts to find something simple to make for dinner.

Gorgeous day for the market on Sparks Street!

Although there weren't many vendors, there were some great ones including the ever popular and well-known Art-is-in Bakery, Hearty Bakery (baked goods), Just Farms (local produce) and a kiosk selling honey and beeswax products.

Art-is-in Bakery with a long line up, as usual!

At the market I picked up a potato dill loaf from Art-is-in (and an almond croissant to snack on), some beautiful purple spring onions from Just Farms, and a rocky road brownie treat from Hearty Bakery!

These few ingredients helped make an appetizing Farmer's Market dinner later in the evening.

Spring Farmer's Market dinner.

Lightly sauteed asparagus and spring onions from Just Farms. Great mild and sweet flavors.

Soft and chewy potato dill Art-is-in bread.

Homemade garlicky lemon basil hummus. Basil from the plant I bought at the Brewer market a few weeks ago.
Farmer's Markets are a great way to help support small, local business and local ingredients. The spring markets have been great so far, and I cannot wait to see what's in store in harvest season later in the summer and early fall!

-Turnip (Tina)

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