Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Morning Simplicity - A Lesson in Scrambled Eggs

Good morning! Very good Saturday morning here in Ottawa. The forecast is calling for a partly cloudy day with a high of 8 degrees Celsius! Why, that's down-right sweltering for this time of year! To start the day off right, I wanted a nice, simple breakfast. One of my favorite dishes to make, is classic scrambled eggs. No toast, no hash browns, just a little plate of scrambled eggs on their own. I didn't always fancy scrambled eggs, but when done right, they are little yellow pillows of heaven - especially on a slow Saturday morning with some coffee.

So, how do you get perfect scrambled eggs? I have come up with a method, based on watching a whole host of cooking shows and learning from pros like the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten (who by the way looks exactly like my mother in law). Here is my adapted method for scrambled eggs for one.

Scrambled Eggs for One

3 large eggs (try to buy local or get free-range eggs)
1 tablespoon of 2% milk
pinch of salt
one turn of freshly cracked pepper
1 heat proof spatula
1 medium sized non-stick pan

Crack three eggs into a bowl. Add the tablespoon of milk, salt and pepper.
This is the first place where I think being gentle in this recipe fits in. You do not want to beat the eggs incorporating air or making bubbles. This consequently  does not make the scrambled eggs any fluffier. Gently break the yolks with a fork and beat very gently and lightly. Beat the eggs only until the yolk and egg whites are somewhat incorporated, and you can still see a slight variation in color between a dark yellow and lighter yellow. 

Over a medium-low heat, let the non-stick pan sit empty for about 15 seconds. The medium-low heat is crucial for this recipe, you do not want the eggs to cook too quickly. Pour in the egg mixture and let it sit for about 5 seconds. Then using the heat proof spatula, move the egg around in the pan. You will see the egg start to cook; keep slowly and gently mixing and scraping the egg in the pan into the centre. Once you have what looks like wet scrambled eggs in a pile in the pan, stop mixing and let it sit for about 10 seconds. Then move the egg around in the pan again, piling in the middle and let sit for another 10 seconds. Turn the heat off. The scrambled eggs are done cooking when the eggs have a glistening look to them but are not wet and not dry. Transfer to a plate and you are ready to eat! 

Personally, I like hot sauce on everything and eggs are no exception. Because Bon Appetit magazine dubbed this week Sriracha week, I thought I would add that for a spicy and garlicky kick.


-Tina (Turnip)

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