Thursday, 14 March 2013

Back to winter; Dreaming of Spring

From +8°C to -19°C (with windchill) in the matter of a couple days. It's March in Ottawa and I guess we should be used to it, but it has really got us down again. Mother nature dangled a warm and refreshing spring breeze in front of our faces and then ripped it away with one foul swoosh!

Despite the once-again-frigid weather, we are looking forward to baking up some homemade mac and cheese tomorrow night, featuring (dare I say it)...pulled pork! Alex and I wanted a hearty and satisfying dinner to accompany a Turnip & Bean planning session. There are some new developments and ideas in the works! Stay tuned for updates and keep dreaming of spring!

-Tina (Turnip)

P.S. Oh! And it's St. Patrick's Day weekend. I will be cooking up some traditional Irish food. Hint: it may not be what you think!

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